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creative woodworx

Our Motto:

“A Passion for Quality…”

What We Do


Brand new once-off custom-made or bespoke furniture – if WE do not have it, we CAN create it, send us pics NOW!


Solid Wood Furniture – We mainly use solid wood combined with other high quality boards and Timber depending on application. Our furniture is exquisitely made with meticulous attention to detail.


We are based in Durban, South Africa

How we started

Give a man some wood, tools and some time and watch his creativity and his inner caveman takeover. The things he will create are only limited by the extent of his imagination….

It was December 2013, after a long day at the office, I noticed a pile of Pine wood strewn across one corner of my backyard, wood which was there for a some time but today it stood out. It was wood that nobody else wanted, and I thought to myself, “Hmmmmmmmm, I can make something with this!” So I gathered up the wood that evening but later went to bed with a burning question. “What can I create?” I thought of making a cupboard or some shelves for the garage, a custom speaker box or…. just maybe….. A table.

So after some late nights spent working on my new project, a golden-oak colour table emerged. I would have never imagined at the time that one table would turn into a successful business that creates quality custom made wood furniture which is produced by people who are passionate about woodwork and which we can proudly say is “Made in South Africa”. And that is the story of how Creative Woodworx (Pty) Ltd was born. Sahil Haripersad, Director – Creative Woodworx

We take pride in making furniture that is built to last, the critical joints are extra reinforced and good woodworking techniques are used. Strength and Quality are in the top 3 priorities in our company. So our furniture is of superior strength. We also completely paint/lacquer or stain wherever the wood is exposed, thus creating longer lasting furniture. Inspections are performed throughout all processes to ensure the high quality standards are met.

Specialists in Solid Wood & Veneered Furniture

Creative WoodWorx (Pty) Ltd designs and manufactures custom furniture to suit your living space, Indoor or Out. Our modern, lifestyle pieces will upgrade your home, at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for designer furniture.

Got a space to fill? We produce beautiful, elegant, well-made furniture. Ask us how we can create the perfect fitting table for your home.

Refurbishment / Restoration / Re-upholstery – ask us!

Examples of what we can do – Dining Tables / Kitchen Tables / Patio Tables / Outdoor Tables / Dining Chairs / Bar Stools / Breakfast Nook Chairs / Occasional Chairs / Bookshelves / Chest of Drawers / Coffee Tables / Side Tables / Pedestals / Coffee Tables / Work Tables / Desks / TV Stands / Dining Servers / Consoles / Entrance Hall Tables / Filing Cabinets / Corner Dividers / Wardrobes / Headboards / Dressing Tables / Butcher Blocks / Vanity Units / Fireplaces / Benches / Bunk Beds / Sleigh Beds / Compactums / Kists / Space-Saver units / etc.

We CAN deliver in and around Durban – directly from our Durban-based workshop!


The Farm Estate Kitchen

The Farm Estate Scullery

Debonair Bedroom